Welcome to Cturtle


Welcome to Cturtle  

Sea Turtle is an affectionate name given to international graduates who return to home countries after studying in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Europe. 

Cturtle is an exclusive job network for returnee international graduates and alumni connecting over 1.3M global alumni with one another and over 14,000 hiring managers across ASEAN, Greater China, South Asia, Latin America and MENA. 


For International Graduates

Search Jobs or Submit Your CV and get connected with over 14,000 hiring managers across Asia. Using the Cturtle network is FREE and gets you exclusive access to jobs, internships, events and career development opportunities. 


For Universities 

Cturtle introduces your international graduates to over 14,000 hiring mangers globally and provides unique data insights into the employability of your international alumni bench-marked against global averages and your peer institutions.   

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For Hiring Managers

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