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Unemployment? Go to this cities right now.

Job seekers across the UK will be delighted to know that the job market is continuing to flourish this spring, with positive growth witnessed in the weeks leading up to Britain’s supposed Brexit. In fact, according to our latest job market statistics, salaries for new jobs increased by 3.1% last month and job vacancies were up by 3.2% year-on-year.  

What’s more, we found that certain cities are performing particularly well. So, here’s your comprehensive collection of the best cities to find a job in right now.  

Is now a good time to switch up my career? 

These latest findings indicate that the UK job market has stood firm in the face of uncertainty around Brexit. Not only this, our data has shown that it’s thriving.  

This is largely because employers have increased their hiring efforts to tempt professionals out of their roles. One way they’re doing this is by pushing up salaries. The good news for you is, there’s no sign of this trend stopping. 

So, with higher salaries and more vacancies, what are you waiting for? There’s plenty of opportunity out there right now! 

What if I want to earn more money? 

CV-Library’s findings found that other savvy Brits have been making the most of the jobs boom, with applications to new jobs increasing by 3.6%. That’s the first time job applications have risen year-on-year in two years! 

In the middle of the Brexit debacle, these findings are certainly encouraging. It seems that job-seekers have been responding to hikes in wages across the country. If you want to get in on the action, we’d advise checking out these cities, which saw above-average increases in wages:  

  1. Edinburgh – Pay up by 15.6% 
  2. Glasgow – Pay up by 10.5% 
  3. Manchester- Pay up by 6.6% 
  4. Cardiff – Pay up by 6.2% 
  5. Leeds – Pay up by 4.5% 

What if salary isn’t my priority?  

We’re sure that most of you will care about your salary. However, there’s more to consider than just that. It’s important to think about future career prospects, doing what you love, work-life balance and many other aspects.  

Sometimes, shaking up your career comes from finding a new location. A change of scenery can do wonders for improving your mentality! If you’re looking to spring-clean your career, we’d recommend that you consider this.  

Why not kick-start your job-search by taking a look at these top cities? The following locations witnessed the biggest jumps in advertised jobs in March, making them the best places to find a new job this spring:  

  1. Glasgow – Jobs up by 27.5% 
  2. Edinburgh – Jobs up by 16.4% 
  3. Bristol – Jobs up by 9.5% 
  4. Portsmouth – Jobs up by 9.3% 
  5. Cardiff – Jobs up by 9% 
  6. Leicester- Jobs up by 8.9% 
  7. Leeds – Jobs up by 8.6% 
  8. Nottingham – Jobs up by 6.1% 
  9. Southampton – Jobs up by 4.9% 
  10. Sheffield – Jobs up by 4.2% 

When should I start looking?  

If going for a new job has been on your mind, now’s the time to make your move. With salaries up in these top locations, there’s plenty of high-paying work to be had across the UK.  

What’s more, you’re never going to be able to take advantage of the current wage increase by staying in your current job! Employers are pulling out all the stops to attract new hires amidst Brexit uncertainty, so take advantage of it.  

While the outcome of Brexit is yet to be decided, we’re certain that the top cities listed above have a lot to offer. So make sure that you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities which are on the cards.   

Go find your new job right now! 

As can be seen from our lists of top cities, Scotland is a hot-spot for work, with Edinburgh and Glasgow consistently taking the lead for average salary and job vacancies increases. However, there’s plenty of choice available at the moment.  

If Scotland isn’t for you – don’t despair! Whether you would prefer to look at jobs in Leeds or jobs in Cardiff, you can look forward to making your mark this spring when you start hunting for work.


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