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Career Accelerator Graduate Jobs for International Students

Career Accelerator Graduate Jobs for International Students

International students, are you still looking for a job after graduation from university? Are you worried that your prior experience may not fit into the criteria of a graduate job in your country or you might need more experience? International students struggle to apply for jobs they are qualified for, they spend a lot of time searching for graduate jobs and career opportunities so they need a career accelerator that will help them stand out.

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International Students looking to start their career in Australia, UK, USA, Canada or New Zealand are often faced with a challenge: How do I find the right graduate jobs?

There are two ways of getting the required graduate jobs with a company/employer/organization. A) You can reach out to them through regular means, like networking, job portals, career fairs etc. B) Or you can earn it by actively participating in the Career Accelerator Program. If you are looking to kickstart your career in Australia, UK, USA, Canada or New Zealand, Cturtle’s JOB+ Career Accelerator Program might just be what you are looking for.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program by Cturtle focuses on graduate jobs for international students, in addition to having face to face mentoring sessions. This means you get all the relevant information needed to help kick start your career! The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program (an integral part of Cturtle) is designed to boost your job search. We take care of everything from finding the right jobs, helping with your CV and cover letter, arranging interviews and more.

Career Accelerator Graduate Jobs for International university Students

A student gets admitted to a university. The clock starts ticking down on their educational and employability life. A common problem for international students after graduation from university is finding a job. Imagine, getting placed in a job starting 3 – 12 months after you finish your degree. Moreover, imagine this happening with the world’s most innovative companies. A program that can help you achieve this is called JOB+ Career Accelerator Program. If you’re a graduate, recent graduate or an experienced professional who’s looking to move into an exciting career in digital marketing or software development, this is a unique opportunity for you!

JOB+ is a career accelerator program that will help you in providing direction to your career, improve your resume, and present skills and experience in a way that maximizes your chance of securing a graduate job in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand. Are you sick and tired of looking for jobs but don’t know where to start? Do you want to increase your chance of getting the job? If you are looking for the best career accelerator in Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada or New Zealand, then this is the program you need to discover.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is designed to get international students the graduate job they want. The program is tailored for university students and recent graduates. It includes a multiple mini-credential in soft and hard skills, employer coaching, networking with over 350,000 hiring managers & recruiters globally, CV/LinkedIn advice and will help you land your first graduate job within 12 months.

We’re changing the game at every turn. Whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, JOB+ Career Accelerator Program connects you with leaders in your field and provides you with opportunities to get ahead of your peers. The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program takes the stress out of your graduate job search and gives you everything you need to placement-prepare, interview-prepare and career-prepare to be a stand-out applicant. It is the only program that combines all four elements – internships, micro- credentials, experiential learning simulations and career coaching – for ultimate success in your job search.

We are JOB+ Career Accelerator Program, a leading graduate job program. It provides internships and graduate jobs and is designed to get international students the employability they need for an internationally mobile workforce. We help international students get the job they want in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and across Asia.

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