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Career advice to get graduate jobs for international students

Career advice to get graduate jobs for international students

This is a unique and helpful guide for any international students who are looking for career advice to get graduate jobs that they want. Check The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program powered by Cturtle.

As an international student who is studying in a strange country, it can be hard to find career options after graduation. Many graduates confess that they don’t know what to do next. Should they return to their home countries or stay and find an opportunity? The answer depends on their own choices. However, if you are desiring to pursue your career in a foreign country, this is the advice for you.

1. Good Curriculum Vitae (CV)

When applying for an opportunity, it is important to have a well-writen CV. Before interviewing, employers know nothing about you. They don’t know your potential and the reasons why you are the best candidate they are looking for. You should know that your CV sells your skills and experiences to potential employers. Therefore, a good CV is your first steps to get the job you want.

2. Work visa after graduating knowledge

To work in any foreign country, you will need a work visa. It is really important because if you stay and work in that country long enough and gain work experience, it will help you get permanent residence. Remember to learn thoroughly about the law in your host country and follow them.

3. Patient and flexibility

Finally, finding a job as an international student might be challenging but does not mean impossible. It is okay if your first graduate job may not be your top choice of career. All you need is as much work experience as possible. The most important thing is that you never give up on your dream.

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