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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Edmonton

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Edmonton

What are you going to do if you had graduated from a non-chemical major and currently looking for graduate jobs for international students in Edmonton? Check out our JOB+ Career Accelerator Program today.

Edmonton is an oil and gas capital, but there are also jobs for skilled trades professionals, with positions ranging from pipefitters to machinists. It’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Many people love it here and never want to leave. This city has vitality, character elegance, outstanding restaurants, world-class attractions, and exciting things to do. Edmonton is affordable; its cost of living is low and its pensions are comfortable. It has warm weather all year round.

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Edmonton is one of the few cities in Canada where it can still be hard to find a job. The unemployment rate in the city is sitting at about 7%. This is inevitable because Edmonton is an oil and gas capital. Jobs here are biased towards the petrochemical industry and there is no variety of occasions.

However, Edmonton is booming today. New jobs are being created daily and the government’s budget has been balanced. With an abundance of attractions, great facilities and sports teams, recreational opportunities, and beautiful green spaces, Edmonton offers a quality of life that’s hard to match.

Edmonton has been included by lots of people on lists of cities they would like to live in and enjoy work-life balance. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider working in Edmonton instead! Over 50% lower cost of living than housing markets, like Vancouver or Toronto. Richer culture and more wholesome nightlife per capita than any other major Canadian city. Not only does Edmonton have oil, it also has great potential for you to make a long-term commitment to the city and be part of its exciting future.

Besides that, there are many different jobs for international students in Edmonton. Companies here need qualified candidates such as instructional designers, process engineers, sales specialists, programmer analysts, financial advisors, and more. More than 20,000 jobs are currently open. Does it sound interesting?

If you have a desire to work here, then it will be an advantage for you to be an international graduate. More and more global companies are looking for talent from around the world. They are the next workforce generation who will contribute to the Canadian labor market with their talent and passion.

The hiring jobs in Edmonton include sales, retail, offices, childcare, and hospitality jobs. These jobs are lack of workforce in some recent years. It could be the best opportunity for you in hunting job at that time. International students can find graduate jobs in Edmonton and recruit international students looking for a chance to get some work experience and stay in Canada after graduation.

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