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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Seattle

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful place to visit, but what if you could live and work here? If you are searching for receiving graduate jobs for international students in Seattle and also gain some really great experience, this is the right opportunity for you.

Seattle is famous for its rain, but don’t let that put you off. Being surrounded by water, we average 260 “blue-sky” days each year. Seattle has also been in the top 10 in Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” five years running! Whether you love the city or the mountains, Seattle is an exciting city with a lot to offer. It’s a great place to live — and a magical place to grow your career. It’s also the fastest growing region in the United States. A million people are calling this place home, and you should be one of them!

As one of the world’s best cities, Seattle, Washington is a fantastic place for young people looking to make a name for themselves. Seattle is a hub of technology and home to six Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Starbucks. There are so many people looking for a job in the sea of Seattle and it is quite challenging to find something that suits you if you are an international student. Now, imagine if you could walk into your dream job without knowing anyone in the company in Seattle. Would you like to do that?

But where to start your new life? That’s where we come in. The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program matches you with multiple career opportunities to help you start and grow your career here – fast! No matter the stage of your career or your background, we can help you make Seattle your home.

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As an international students, you have always wanted a graduate job in Seattle, USA. But it is never as easy as just booking a ticket to the US. A lot of things have to fall into place for you to end up with the right job. The JOB+ Career Accelerator helps you network with your potential career partners, prepare for your interviews with an interview preparation training conducted by professional experts. This career accelerator program is designed for to help you polish your skills and feel confident in your abilities to succeed in your internship and eventually land a job.

JOB+ provides specialized career services to fast-track you to your dream job in Seattle. Our program is designed to help you get hired faster and give you training and hands-on experience that will give you an edge over the competition. We can help you get the job, make the right connections, maximize your professional development, and get more from your current employer. We assist with resume writing, interview skills training and special internship opportunities.

You want to find a job in Seattle. Ideally, you want some help with your applications and cover letters, you want feedback on your interviews and connections that can help you once you land the job. You would love it if someone could hold your hand throughout the whole process and guide you through the tough times rather than just throwing you into the deep end when you land on those shores. All this is made possible by JOB+ Career Accelerator Program which helps international students graduate jobs in Seattle. If you are keen to kick start your new career or even change careers and jumpstart your journey to achieve financial freedom and independence then apply now!

Cturtle is a data company connecting international students with internship and job opportunities in Seattle, USA. Since 2016, Cturtle has been helping international graduates find jobs through advanced data processing technology. At Cturtle, we created the JOB+ Career Accelerator Program to make it easy for international graduates to find graduate jobs in Seattle, the United States. At JOB+ we are committed to helping you ace your application in the most efficient way possible.

jobs for international students in seattle

We can help you find jobs for international students in Seattle by matching you with companies that can offer you opportunities for full-time employment. We will provide you with references, training, and the necessary experience you need to prove your worth during an interview in Seattle, the USA.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is specifically designed for you. Are you ready to jump-start your career in Seattle? Let’s get started right away!

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