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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Florida

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Florida

If you are considering making a career move to Florida, USA you may have a lot of questions. What are the top graduate jobs for international students in Florida? How can I make connections with recruiters? Where are the best places to live and work in Florida? Don’t you prefer attending interviews for graduate jobs in Florida, the state with an international airport connecting it with top cities around the world? If you are looking for such jobs for international students in Florida then JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is specifically made for you.

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Known for its white sandy beaches, it attracts tourism due to its tropical and subtropical climate. The weather is great with long stretches of mild winters and summers that are perfect for sun bathing or swimming. People who live in Florida are called Floridians; the territory was named by Juan Ponce de Leon. Florida is also renowned for a popular destination for retirees. You can buy a house in Florida at cheap cost. This means you can have a vacation home in Florida saving all your money to invest in other businesses. This is a place that will help you make both your lifestyle and investments attractive with its year-round beautiful weather and, amazing beaches.

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Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Florida is nicknamed the “Sunshine State” due to its warm climate and abundant tropical rainforests. Florida has the 2nd longest coastline of any state in the US. Florida is an all-around great vacation destination. You can sleep under the stars at an oceanside beach, visit a museum without breaking the bank, and experience breathtaking architecture. Florida is a state that has experienced rapid population growth, largely as a result of tourism, migration from colder climates and people moving permanently to take advantage of cheaper housing prices and warmer temperatures.

Quality of life in Florida is on a high and the outdoor activities that the state provides with its natural surroundings definitely makes it an interesting place for all to live. Florida is the backbone of American Economy. There is no doubt that settling in Florida will offer you a world-class living experience. We set up a Career Accelerator Program for you!

JOB+ Career Accelerator Program, a unique program that exposes you to the US job market and boosts your confidence by providing learning, mentoring and motivation opportunities all designed to make it easier for you to find a graduate job in Florida.

JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is for international students, providing them with the support to land their dream job in Florida. The JOB+ is specially designed to introduce international students to the exciting world of opportunity awaiting them in Florida. The JOB+ is a comprehensive career accelerator program that will help you land graduate jobs in Florida. We will train you, on all aspects of finding and securing jobs in the US, networking and soft skills necessary for communication in an American workplace.

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JOB+ is a pioneering program for international students who want to pursue their career in Florida. In this program we will match you with the best companies based on your knowledge and interests. We will support you through mock interviews, practice communication skills, and help you develop an effective resume and cover letter. In addition, we will connect you with employers that have a high demand for new hires from overseas so that you can walk into an international job in 3-12 months.

JOB+ will pair you with a professional career advisor who will advise and coach you through the process. This will help you communicate better and work on improving your personal brand. Connecting you to a company that needs interns or employs people from overseas is not an easy task. People only share their job openings selectively. With our guidance, and with your willingness to learn and push for success, we are confident that we can find graduate jobs for you as an international student in Florida.

 JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is powered by Cturtle. Cturtle is the data company and employment network for university students and graduates. Since 2016, Cturtle has tracked the employment outcomes of universities students across 15 countries and 140 industries. Cturtle also made over 250,000 employer introductions for graduates. At Cturtle we help graduates find jobs, and support educational institutions to drive student employability. With our proprietary data platform, we measure the career outcomes of our users, help businesses access the best talent, and give universities powerful tools to understand their student employability.

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