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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Los Angeles

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Los Angeles

International Students in Los Angeles, are you looking for graduate jobs? High paying graduate jobs for international students in Los Angeles? Applying for graduate jobs is tough. How can you be sure that you find the right graduate jobs and make informed decisions?

Los Angeles is a city and an eponymous county in California. Life in Los Angeles, USA is full of surprises. Los Angeles is a big city with lots to offer. It has been featured in the most notable Hollywood movies and TV shows; it has the best universities in the world; it boasts excellent career opportunities and wide variety of industries, festivals and tourism options.

There are a number of reasons why Los Angeles is one of the most choices cities in the world for people to move. The City of Angels, Los Angeles, is the place where you can have an international career not only in movies, or television but also other industries. If you want to connect with the stars, this is the place for you to be. If you want world-class Chinese food, then it doesn’t get more local then Los Angeles Chinatown. In Los Angeles, people make time for other people because they love to do so; it is spontaneous and genuine always. It is a city of amazing people living amazing lives.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California by population of almost 4 million and an ever growing population of international students. Life in LA is very different than life in Sydney or Singapore. It has a unique blend of culture, cuisine and entertainment. Los Angeles is a city of diversity, culture and talent. Start a career move to L.A. and contribute to its culture – work with an international community of experienced professionals, be inspired by its diversity and the opportunity to live close to the beach, explore museums, watch great sports games, go clubbing, attend conferences & events and most importantly get real jobs at real companies like Disney, Google and Airbnb.

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For an international student, looking for jobs in the Los Angeles area is a tough time consuming process. Many international students end up spending days sending out job applications or networking. Imagine, having an opportunity to meet and work with some of the biggest companies in LA. International students can now get in touch with members of the HR managers and recruiters at top companies based in Los Angeles with the help of JOB+ Career Accelerator Program.

There are plenty of graduate jobs are available in Los Angeles, but you will not get them if you don’t network and build your resume. Finding jobs in Los Angeles is not easy. But we are here to help. With a mission to support international students find great jobs in Los Angeles and stay focused on their education and career goals, JOB+ Career Accelerator provides the program for international students to connect with employers and recruiters in Los Angeles.

A number of international students are looking for jobs in Los Angeles every year and some of them land at top companies like Microsoft, Viacom and many more. You can head to Los Angeles and join top companies for a career accelerator program in 3-12 months. In JOB+, you will be exposed to various methods of experiential learning simulations, communications skills training, CVs, LinkedIn editing and introductions to a network of over 350,000 hiring managers and recruiters globally.

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JOB+ Career Accelerator Program is the solution for you. JOB+ Career Accelerator is designed to get international students the graduate job they want. The program can be completed in 3 to 12 months and includes an internship, micro-credentials, experiential learning simulations, career coaching, CV / LinkedIn editing and introductions to a network of over 350,000 hiring managers and recruiters globally.

JOB+ is an employment program powered by Cturtle. In recent years, Cturtle has built a data platform that connects thousands of international students with the right graduate degree program, creates career opportunities for international students by facilitating networking and coaching activities, and helps university partners to drive their student employability.

Cturtle has been helping hundreds of thousands of graduates and professionals from all around the world to find, apply to and secure their dream jobs. If you would like to uncover your opportunities in Los Angeles, just click on the button below. Make your next career step. JOB+ can help you on your way!

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