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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Austin

Have you ever thought about moving to Austin to find graduate jobs for international students? Are you worried about the cost of living? Stop worrying because Austin is a great place to live at your own pace.

Austin in Texas is one of the world’s highest-ranked cities for young people (The Economist’s Intelligence Unit). Austin is also 6th in fasted growing cities, with an economy that’s in the top 20% globally.

You could live and work in Austin, home of exciting job opportunities, booming tech startups, music festivals every week, and a vibrant millennial culture.

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Why should you live in Austin?

The cost of living is far lower than other tech hubs like San Francisco, New York, or DC, while still offering a strong pool of talent eager to live in Austin. Buoyed by sizable investments from Amazon and Google, industry analysts project that Austin will be among a select few communities nationally that will reach the 1 million-job mark for technology jobs by 2020. The average income here is higher than the national average – and it’s growing faster than anywhere else. Austin is also the best city for tech jobs.

Compared to most cities in the USA, Austin boasts lower housing prices and rents, better weather, and a strong tech scene. Businesses have started moving here already (tech companies like Oracle), plus popular music artists are starting to hang out here more often. The tech sector has grown by 24% since 2011, many influential startups have chosen to make Austin their home, and it’s become the second-fastest-growing metro area for bachelor degrees.

Each year several dozen online job platforms list over 150,000 jobs in Austin. These jobs are high-paying and have flexible hours with great benefits! 75% of jobs go to the rising cities.

To kick your career into overdrive, Cturtle designs a JOB+ Career Accelerator Program to help international students get the graduate jobs they want in Austin. It’s specifically for students in Austin, Texas, who are looking to gain skills and experience working on multinational companies.

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Austin - Cturtle Awards

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program gets to know you as an individual and helps build the skills and network needed to be successful.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program identifies and coaches your strengths to help find & land your dream job in Austin. You get step-by-step guidance from professional coaches to help you confidently answer interview questions, avoid common mistakes, and manage your online reputation before you apply for jobs so you can demonstrate passion & readiness to employers.

This program lasts from 3-12 months and it can help you find your next dream job in one of the fastest-growing markets.

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