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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Philadelphia

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Philadelphia

Are you looking for graduate jobs for international students in Philadelphia? Have you been looking for a way to take your career to the next level in Philadelphia? If you want to find the answer to all these questions, this is for you.

In today’s economy, rising above is not just about how hard you work—it’s about positioning yourself for connections. Philadelphia has an amazing culture and is an up-and-coming big city in the country. It may surprise you to learn that the nation’s fifth-largest Chinatown (by population!) is located right here in Philly.

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There’s a high quality of life here, with an above-average concentration of restaurants and bars/pubs, more than twice as many public golf courses than Chicago, and a lower cost of living. A higher share of Philadelphians has a bachelor’s degree than in any other large American city.

Since 2000, the Philadelphia region has seen over 400,000 new jobs. Still, it’s hard to get through the maze of career opportunities available.

Philadelphia is home to more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the U.S., including Comcast, Urban Outfitters, Aramark, and many more. It has a solid economy with good job prospects. The cost of living is much lower than other cities on the East Coast

Philly has a lot to offer people who are looking for their next career move, such as a chance to network with influential business leaders at career receptions and workshops where you can exchange ideas and professional advice.

How can your talents and contributions help build a stronger Philadelphia? What are employers looking for? How can we continue to grow our City in a way that works for everyone?

The city is full of opportunities and this program will provide a smooth start. You can start a new career in tech in Philly right now by applying for the JOB + Career Accelerator Program which helps international students get graduate jobs they want in Philadelphia.

In 2015, 77% of job postings were for jobs that didn’t require a four-year degree. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country. It’s a great place to find an internship on the weekends or work during the week as an accounting assistant at a restaurant.

Do you desire to live and work permanently in Philly? Then you should check out this new online program, where you can learn how to build a freelancing business and get a job at the same time.

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JOB+ Career Accelerator Program combines practical education from top companies with leadership skills from experienced professionals, mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, and career development opportunities that can turn your ideas into reality.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program will provide you with hands-on training for entry-level jobs helping you find success and build your career. We provide resume and interview training, resume reviews, connections with employers, and networking opportunities.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program gives international students the opportunity to get jobs in Philadelphia, grow professionally, and expand your network.

Cturtle is a data company connecting international students with internship and job opportunities in Seattle, USA. Since 2016, Cturtle has been helping international graduates find jobs through advanced data processing technology. At Cturtle, we created the JOB+ Career Accelerator Program to make it easy for international graduates to find graduate jobs in Philadelphia, the United States. At JOB+ we are committed to helping you ace your application in the most efficient way possible.

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