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Graduate Jobs for International Students in Texas

Graduate Jobs for International Students in Texas

Have you ever wondered why international students choose to study and find graduate jobs for international students in Texas? Our program will show you how to thrive here on your own terms. If you want to get into a top company and land a high-paying job in the United States, this is the best program for you.

Texas – the economic engine of the South. Texas offers international students the highest quality of life in the US, as well as plenty of career opportunities across multiple sectors.

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Why do so many international students choose Texas over California, New York, and Virginia? Save money on living expenses (housing, food, transportation), plus an additional 10% tuition scholarship. Welcome to Texas. It’s big, friendly, and diverse. You’ll find it a great place to live, work, and launch your career. Texas has a lower cost of living than other major U.S. cities, ranking 3rd (behind Hawaii and Louisiana) in the U.S, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research.

Texas ranked as the number one state for job creation. The top four cities in America for generating patents are all in Texas. The world’s largest medical center is in Houston – arguably the best city to study medicine. And the 8th top city for new college graduates is Dallas!

There are dozens of ways to stay – student visas, internships, fellowships, work permits and more! new study indicates that the number of foreign students coming to Texas for work is 50 times above the national average. Most (60%) of them are select Texas for IT positions, but many also end up with skilled jobs in other industries such as healthcare and oil. Students have access to many of the most prominent companies in Texas, plus mentoring and networking opportunities.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program provides a strong foundation of academic learning and practical business skills, thus helping to prepare them for their future careers and improve their marketability.

The program helps international students prepare for careers by prepare their CV written in English, as well as how to navigate the work environment.

We connect international students here with companies seeking to hire them, get them a job within 3-10 months depends on which programs international students choose.

Although getting a job as an international student in Texas isn’t easy, this program helps them find a job they are passionate about and connects them with mentors to help them build their network and accelerate their careers.

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JOB+ Career Accelerator is a program that helps international students land graduates jobs in Texas. Our all-in-one guide to work in the USA will tell you how to start your career in the US, find an internship, create a resume that lands a job offer, professional training, and more.

JOB+ Career Accelerator Program has helped many international students to prepare them for a career in the USA. With personalized support, guidance from successful professionals, and support from alumni, we help our students land the job of their dreams. At JOB+, we can help you find a graduate job in any US city, connect you with recruiters directly.

The JOB+ Career Accelerator Program has been designed by us keeping in mind the challenges international students face while trying to find graduate jobs in the USA. The whole idea for the JOB Career Accelerator initiative came about because of the high demand of helping international students to get a job in the USA.

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