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Is an online university course right for you? These 10 points will help you decide if you’re ready to sign up

Written by Abby Young-Powell Today’s high-quality online courses are rich, immersive experiences, where you learn with students from all over the world, so you need never feel isolated. Online courses give you the flexibility to study while working, and to fit your studies around your life, rather than the other […]

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Alumni Engagement in ASEAN: Where Are We Today, and Where Do We Need to Go?

IntroductionIn 2020, sustainable alumni engagement across ASEAN requires investments unique to each country and to ASEAN-Australian partnerships. There are a number of challenges in managing international alumni relations: The primary objectives are establishing good data and mutually valuable relationships. The distinction between “home” and “overseas” students has become much more […]

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How to answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question in a job interview

To answer this open-ended question, you need to have a focused career story. “Tell me about yourself” may seem like an easy job interview question that your whole life has prepared you to answer, but the open-ended nature of this question leaves job seekers stumped on where to start. Does an interviewer […]

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