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The College of Law Australia

About the job

Expressions of Interest Sought

The College of Law invites expressions of interest from legal practitioners who wish to be engaged as adjunct lecturers to provide services of lecturing, workshop facilitating and/or assessing as described below. Adjunct lecturers are engaged on an as needs and when required basis.

The requirements

Lecturers, workshop facilitators and assessors are responsible for providing students with a high quality teaching and learning experience whilst they are completing their PLT.

Lecturers are responsible for facilitating students’ teaching and learning whilst they are completing the online component of the PLT. The program is delivered via the Canvas learning platform over a 15 or 30 week period.  We are looking for lecturers who can provide feedback to students using lecturer guides provided by the College. Provision of feedback does not require you to attend the College (apart from receiving some initial training). To perform this role you must have access to a computer with broadband internet access and be familiar with using Microsoft Word and Outlook. You will be able to access work tools online and the work can be done outside of office hours.

Workshop facilitators are responsible for facilitating students’ teaching and learning during the one week professional skills course that is delivered either face-to-face or virtually at the beginning of each intake. Engagement may be for one or more half or full day workshops for one or more of the professional skills courses. We are particularly looking to engage experienced advocates to facilitate our advocacy workshop.

Assessors are responsible for assessing students periodically throughout their PLT courses via video and or tele conference.  Assessors are engaged on a half or full day basis. Subject to IT requirements being met, assessments can be done from the Lecturer’s home or workplace. Lecturer guides and assessment rubrics are provided.

We are currently looking to engage a number of adjunct lecturers for our Western Australia Practical Legal Training program.  Teaching would be on an as and when required basis and both face-to-face and online.  This is an opportunity to work flexibly as part of a dynamic and highly engaged team.

 Required qualifications and experience:

  • At least 5 years’ experience as a Western Australian Legal Practitioner
  • Demonstrated aptitude for teaching
  • Enthusiasm for the development and continual improvement of teaching skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with colleagues in a team
  • An enthusiasm for the practice of law and an ability to communicate that enthusiasm
  • An understanding of the strategic context of the legal profession and its associated industries
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Demonstrated capacity or willingness to contribute to the creation and maintenance of course materials (multi-media and online), stakeholder liaison and project management
  • Sound project management skills with demonstrated ability to multi-task and achieve priorities within tight timelines
  • Awareness of educational technologies including online delivery
  • Proficiency in use of MS Office

Independent contractors must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

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